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The southern Delaware counties of Kent and Sussex have experienced tremendous growth since 1995, with the trend expected to continue for the foreseeable future. 
One of the most popular retirement regions in the eastern U.S., Sussex County, Delaware is also one of the largest geographic counties east of the Mississippi River, spanning nearly one thousand square miles.  Low taxes (Delaware charges no sales tax), especially property taxes relative to the high tax surrounding states of Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, and the temperate seaside climate are the attractions most appealing to active adults and retirees.

Resort Partners, Inc. specializes in identifying, acquiring, and developing successful residential, commercial, and institutional real estate ventures.  Considering the optimistic future for southern Delaware, a landowner may consider a joint venture to maximize return on investment with no downside risk.  Our typical joint venture arrangement allows the property owner to receive the current appraised value for their land, and participation as an equity partner in development of the property without additional capital investment or financial risk.

If you own land you believe to be valuable for development and/or improvement, call
or email us today to schedule a no-obligation meeting.  We are committed to helping landowners receive exceptional value through ethical and professional business ventures.

Bob Benson, President